Robbers' Roost
Rough Night in Jericho
Adios, Sabata (1971)
Shoot Out
Singing Guns
Soldier Blue
A Fistful of Dollars (Special Edition)
For a Few Dollars More (Special Edition)
High Plains Drifter (Special Edition)
Junior Bonner (Special Edition)
Joe Kidd (Special Edition)
A Lady Takes a Chance
Songs My Brothers Taught Me
Taza, Son of Cochise 3-D
More Dead Than Alive
The Indian Fighter (1955)
The Kentuckian
The Long Riders (2-Disc Special Edition)
The Grey Fox
The Spoilers
The Shepherd of the Hills
The Plainsman
Stranger on the Run
The Revengers
The Return of Sabata
The Appaloosa (Special Edition)
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