Directed by Spencer Wolff

Release Year: 2014
Running Time: 87
Color Type: Color
Country: U.S.
Language: English
Closed Captioned: Yes
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David Ourlicht
Michael Bloomberg
Ray Kelly

Directed by Spencer Wolff
Writer Spencer Wolff

The feature length documentary STOP follows three years in the life of David Ourlicht, one of the four named plaintiffs in Floyd vs. City of New York. By interweaving the story of David's family with the action around the trial, STOP places the stop and frisk controversy in the context of a long history of civil rights. From David's Jewish grandfather, who describes being arrested in Greenwich Village on his first date with David's grandmother, an African-American woman, to David's biracial father, Italian-American mother, and mixed race sister, the Ourlicht family offers a powerful backdrop to the flashpoint issue of stop and frisk. The film asks: Must we trade safety for civil rights?

From interviews with the lead attorneys bringing in the case, to police officers who defend the practice, to the law professor who wrote the expert report, to coverage of Mayor Bloomberg and Police Chief Ray Kelly, STOP paints a picture of a city divided. Then the trial begins. From the rallies, to the press conferences, to the day David testifies, to closing statements and CCR's celebratory party, STOP offers a behind the scenes look at the trial, and gives a history of an era of intense political battles that the City of New York will never forget. 

Educational Reviews

"Stop tells the story behind Floyd v. City of New York through the points of view of the multiracial and multiethnic Ourlicht Family. David Ourlicht, a student and aspiring lawyer is one of the four named plaintiffs in Floyd. The documentary dramatically conveys the political conflict swirling around the NYPD practice, whether at community rallies or inside city council meetings. STOP thought-provoklingly asks viewers to consider what is lost when restrictions are placed on our civil liberties and civil rights in the interests of public safety." American Bar Association, Silver Gavel Citation Winner.

"A truly remarkable documentary that benefits from Wolff's training as a lawyer and scholar. This immensely useful and engaging look at policing and race in the United States is certain to generate thoughtful discussion in classrooms and beyond." Charles Musser, filmmaker and professor of Film and Media Studies, Yale University

"The screening of STOP at the School of the International Center of Photography provided our students and community with a unique opportunity to engage in a timely and informed discussion about pressing issues of race and justice in contemporary America. The conversation generated by the film was everything I could have hoped for. It is a great film and I recommend STOP to any educator, who wants to tackle contemporary race relations in the United States, and especially matters such as Stop & Frisk, Ferguson, Missouri and Racial Profiling." --Suzanne Nicholas, Associate Dean of Continuing Education and Administration, International Center of Photography

"I had the pleasure of watching STOP at its premier at DOC NYC, and, as a teacher, I was deeply enthusiastic about the film. Not only are its themes relevant to the current discussions about race and policing in the United States, and especially the racial cleavages that have been exposed by the events in Ferguson, Missouri, but it is also a wonderful pedagogical tool. The film is informed and emotionally compelling. It marries an insightful history of policing in New York to both a suspenseful trial and the experience of a mixed race family over three generations. I was certain STOP would spur an intelligent and engaged conversation among my students, and I organized a screening at the New School. I highly recommend the film to anyone working as a teacher, scholar, or in the advancement of knowledge." Omri Boehm, Assistant Professor at the New School for Social Research

"As part of New York Law School's film and discussion series, Conversations on Criminal Justice, we screened the documentary STOP. We hoped the film would inform and deepen an ongoing conversation about race and criminal justice currently taking place among our students and the broader law school community. The turnout was superb, and the discussion after the screening was animated. STOP is a wonderful film, and a fantastic teaching tool. It exceeded our expectations." Rebecca Roiphe, Professor of Law, New York Law School.

Critical Acclaim

"Arriving at a key moment when relations between law enforcement and minorities in America have reached a boiling point, Stop casts a bright light on one aspect of the turmoil while also asking viewers to consider the proper balance between freedom and security." ★★★ F. Swietek, Video Librarian


  • American Bar Association's Silver Gavel Award

  • Official Selection - DOC NYC

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