Robert Cummings

The Chase

The noir genre is known for its labyrinthine plots, but Arthur Ripley's The Chase (1946) takes the "...

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The Accused

The story of a woman’s successful self-defense during a struggle which leads to the death of h...

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What a Way to Go!

All Louisa May Foster (Shirley MacLaine, Two for the Seesaw) wants is a man to love and grow old wit...

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Deanna Durbin Collection I [100 Men and a Girl / Three Smart Girls Grow Up / It Started with Eve]

This collection features three classic films starring screen legend Deanna Durbin.

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The Last Train From Madrid

Protected by only a single guard while escaping from Madrid on a train, a group of weary individuals...

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Barbara Stanwyck Collection [Internes Can't Take Money / The Great Man's Lady / The Bride Wore Boots]

This collection feature three classic films starring screen legend Barbara Stanwyck.

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