Joan of Arc (70th Anniversary)
Circle of Deceit
City of Life and Death
Line of Demarcation aka La Ligne De Demarcation
Horses of God
Disputed Passage
Jet Pilot
Battleship Potemkin
Red Ball Express
Beach Red
Raid on Rommel
Il Generale Della Rovere
Siege of Firebase Gloria
Platoon Leader / Soldier Boyz (Michael Dudikoff Double Feature)
Force 10 from Navarone (Special Edition)
633 Squadron / Mosquito Squadron (Double Feature)
The Russians Are Coming The Russians Are Coming
The McKenzie Break
The Eagle and the Hawk
The 7th Dawn (aka The Seventh Dawn)
The Double Headed Eagle
The Enemy Below
The Park Is Mine
The Long and the Short and the Tall aka Jungle Fighters
The Rider Named Death
The Sun
The Devil's Brigade
The Last Command
The Great Escape
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