George C. Scott


Harold Becker (The Onion Field) directed this bold, riveting and deviously entertaining thriller sta...

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The Day of the Dolphin

A marine biologist finds a way to teach dolphins to communicate in English, but sinister figures pla...

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Crossed Swords (Special Edition) aka The Prince and the Pauper

A poor commoner, accidentally meets Edward, Prince of Wales, and they are struck by their similarity...

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Inherit the Wind

When a courageous schoolteacher dares to introduce his students to Darwin’s theory of evolutio...

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12 Angry Men (1997)

A young man stands accused of fatally stabbing his father, and his fate now lies in the hands of twe...

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They Might Be Giants (Special Edition)

A wealthy, retired judge who believes he is Sherlock Holmes comes under the care of psychiatrist Dr....

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