Alphaville (Special Edition) aka Alphaville, une étrange aventure de Lemmy Caution
And Soon the Darkness (Special Edition)
Bad Company (Special Edition)
The Bedroom Window
Before and After (Special Edition)
Blackmail (Special Edition)
The Champagne Murders
China Moon
Color of Night (1994) (2-Disc Special Edition)
Consenting Adults (Special Edition)
D.O.A. (Special Edition) 1988
The Deadly Trap
Death on the Nile (Special Edition)
Deceived (Special Edition)
Evil Under the Sun (Special Edition)
Feast of July (Special Edition)
The Ghost of Sierra de Cobre (Special Edition)
High Plains Drifter (Special Edition)
Hound of the Baskervilles
House By The River
The House That Would Not Die (Special Edition)
House on 92nd Street
An Inspector Calls
The Interpreter (Special Edition)
Lost Highway
Madame X
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