Fellini's Casanova
I Am Cuba
21 Hours at Munich
Prince of Foxes
Come Back, Africa/Black Roots
Oliver Sacks: His Own Life
Mary, Queen of Scots
Nixon (Special Edition)
Jefferson in Paris (Special Edition)
Kundun (Special Edition)
Lifeline: Clyfford Still
Te Ata
The Plainsman
The Atomic Cafe
South: Ernest Shackleton and the Endurance Expedition
The Sign of the Cross
Electric Edwardians: The Lost Films of Mitchell & Kenyon
The Clay Bird
In the Land of the Head Hunters
The Siege at Ruby Ridge
The Sorrow and the Pity
PARAVISION DREAMS: The Golden Age 3-D Films of Pine and Thomas
Fabian: Going to the Dogs
To Hell and Back
The Champion: A Story of America's First Film Town
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