Fellini's Casanova
I Am Cuba
21 Hours at Munich
Krakatoa, East of Java
Prince of Foxes
Come Back, Africa/Black Roots
Oliver Sacks: His Own Life
Mary, Queen of Scots
Nixon (Special Edition)
Jefferson in Paris (Special Edition)
Kundun (Special Edition)
Lifeline: Clyfford Still
Te Ata
The Plainsman
The Atomic Cafe
South: Ernest Shackleton and the Endurance Expedition
The Sign of the Cross
Electric Edwardians: The Lost Films of Mitchell & Kenyon
The Last Command
The Clay Bird
In the Land of the Head Hunters
The Secret Invasion
The Siege at Ruby Ridge
The Sorrow and the Pity
To Hell and Back
The Champion: A Story of America's First Film Town
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