Yongary, Monster From the Deep

Directed by Ki-duk Kim

Release Year: 1967
Running Time: 80
Color Type: Color
Country: Japan, South Korea
Language: English [audio]

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Sun-jae Lee
Jeong-im Nam
Yeong-il Oh

Directed by Ki-duk Kim

A monstrous creature creates destruction throughout Korea... as scientists running against time create a refrigerant that maybe the only weapon to stop the monster before it destroys the whole country. This cult-classics was Korea's first entry into the kaiju movie genre, made famous by the Japanese with classics Godzilla and Gamera. After a nuclear test causes a massive earthquake, scientists realize that the quake is the least of their problems - the intense radiation has awoke the legendary reptilian monster, Yongary. Martial law is declared and cities are evacuated as the armed forces battle the fearsome creature with all the arsenal firearms available to them.