Simba: The King of the Beasts

Directed by Martin E. Johnson and Osa Johnson

Release Year: 1928
Running Time: 87
Color Type: B&W
Country: U.S.
Language: English
Screening Info
Martin E. Johnson
Osa Johnson

Directed by Martin E. Johnson and Osa Johnson

An unlikely pair to become international celebrities, husband-and-wife duo Martin & Osa Johnson found themselves as America’s foremost filmmaker-explorers after the success of their first few documentaries on the native tribes of Africa and Southeast Asia. For SIMBA: THE KING OF THE BEASTS, they forded crocodile-infested rivers, braved stampeding elephants and stared down angry rhinos in order to film lions in their natural habitat. Their work directly influenced Frederick O’Brien to leave for the Pacific, inspired Akira Kurosawa to write "Rashomon," and astounded audiences all around the filmgoing world.

"Exciting! Thrilling! The elephant scenes are remarkable." - The New York Times