In The Image

Directed by Emmy Scharlatt and Judith Montell

Release Year: 2014
Running Time: 60
Country: U.S., Israel, Palestine
Language: Arabic and Hebrew w/ English subtitles, Engish
Closed Captioned: Yes
Subtitles: English
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Screening Info
Directed by Emmy Scharlatt and Judith Montell

Ayat, Salam, and Nariman are three of the participants in The Camera Project, an initiative launched by the Jerusalem-based human rights organization B’Tselem. This project is a unique collaboration of Palestinians and Israelis who fight for justice in the West Bank. Palestinian volunteers are given video cameras to capture the human rights violations that are a part of their daily lives. In exposing the abuses suffered at the hands of the Israeli settlers and military personnel, these women and their families face harassment or retribution. Their perseverance is inspiring as they pave the way for future peace. 

Recently, footage and clips collected by The Camera Project have been shown on Internet media sites to thousands of people all over the world. Seen on the news in many countries, including Israel, they’ve helped sway popular opinion. Admitted as evidence in Israeli courts, they’ve helped convict abusive soldiers and their superiors.

Educational Reviews

"By providing Palestinian women with cameras to narrate their daily experiences under Israeli occupation, this powerful film offers a fresh perspective on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the prospects for its resolution. The moving documentary makes clear that respect for human rights is the cornerstone of the struggle for peace with justice.  In The Image would be an invaluable resource in multiple courses and fields of study including in International Relations, Global Studies, Middle East Studies, Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies, Peace and Conflict Studies and Human Rights." 

Critical Acclaim

"In the Image" both shines a spotlight on the "Shooting Back" project and humanizes people so often demonized.

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