Gomorrah: Fifth and Final Season

Directed by Marco D'Amore and Claudio Cupellini

Release Year: 2022
Running Time: 500
Color Type: Color
Country: Italy
Language: Italian
Genres: Television, Crime

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Salvatore Esposito
Marco D'Amore
Ivana Lotito
Arturo Muselli

Directed by Marco D'Amore and Claudio Cupellini

Gomorrah: Fifth and Final Season is the thrilling conclusion to the most popular Italian drama in the world—which The New York Times recently rated #5 on its list of the top 30 international shows of the past decade. The worldwide gangster show phenomenon is based on Roberto Saviano’s best-selling book and the subsequent award-winning film of the same name. Gennaro (Salvatore Esposito) had tried his best to straighten up and build an honest life for himself and his family. Ciro (Marco D’Amore) sacrificed himself to make it possible. And now,
everything has come undone. An all-out war between Patrizia and the Levante clan has turned Secondigliano and the rest of Naples to rubble, prompting Genny to get back into the game and restore order – leading to an ultimate