Forgiveness: Stories Of Our Time

Directed by Johanna Lunn

Release Year: 2007
Running Time: 52
Color Type: Color
Country: Canada
Language: English
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Directed by Johanna Lunn

Forgiveness: Stories of Our Time focuses on four individuals who have lived through events so painful and horrific they are unimaginable to most of us.

Lesley Parrott's young daughter was stalked, raped and strangled. Anne Marie Hagan's father was murdered by their next-door neighbor. Alan McBride's wife and eight others were killed in an IRA bombing in Belfast. Reverend Julie Nicholson's daughter was killed on the London underground in an al-Qaeda bombing in 2004. Through heartfelt interviews and archival footage, these are the stories of men and women as they absorb, cope with and attempt to move beyond brutal events in their lives.

In a world wracked by increasing violence and horror, Forgiveness: Stories of Our Time brings hope that there are other possibilities beyond blind revenge and that in forgiving others we can set ourselves free.

Educational Reviews

"A moving film about human tragedy, Forgiveness illustrates the immense struggle required to relinquish the desire for revenge, but also strikes a hopeful note about the possibility of coping with terrible events in our lives." *** Recommended Video Librarian

" interesting springboard for discussion for religious studies and criminal justice classes, as well as other interested adult groups." Recommended Educational Media Reviews Online

Critical Acclaim

Deeply moving.
- The Globe and Mail

a groundbreaking documentary.
- Hollywood Reporter

This is a powerful film and although it's heart wrenching and difficult to watch in some points, it delivers by doing what good documentaries ought to do; it makes the viewer think.
- Vitality Magazine